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My Radio career started as a part-time, overnight weekend DJ in 1983, at a station that had just changed from Elevator Music to “Continuous Country” 101.5 KNUE, In Tyler, Texas, Eventually we became the Hottest County Station in East Texas and I ended up being the 6 to midnight Guy!


After that I  next was the afternoon guy on KYYK 98.3 IN Palestine, Texas again Country Music, and sometimes I  would do a shift on our Classic Rock station KNET, Witch was AM STEREO yes they had Stereo AM! And I still have my AM Stereo Walkman.


My next step was 6 to midnight and morning drive on weekends, 92.1 KROZ Tyler, Texas, it was one of the Original Country stations in East Texas and soon changed formats to Oldies and went by KGLD!


My next step was KTYL 93.1 Tyler, Texas. We played Adult Contemporary  (middle of the road rock). This all took place over a 10 year period,  I then took a trip to Topeka, Kansas in 1993! I spent the next 20 years in Retail while starting my own Mobile DJ Business, Rainbow Dragon Mobile DJ (


For the last 3 years, it’s been a privilege being a part of YOUR Good times and Great Oldies!

Thanks for Tuning In Mack Collins



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