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Star of the stage, screen, and radio……..ok forget the stage & screen, although I have been a professional musician for many years.


I’ve been in radio for 45 years, starting out In Provo, Utah at a station called KEYY.  From there I moved to Kansas City and first worked for a Disco station, KJLA, then moved on to AC station KUDL, then Oldies with the legendary WHB.

After those stations got sold I moved to Topeka, Kansas and worked for Oldies 102.9, which became Oldies 99.3.  That was my last full-time radio job which ended due to a format change.


After that, the opportunity came up to work for WREN radio, where I’ve been playing oldies on the internet ever since.


Being a radio DJ has always been a joy for me and it continues to be here at


DJ. WREN Radio – Wednesday, Thursday, And Friday. 1 – 4 PM



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