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Louie Louie, (Lou Constantino), began his broadcasting career at radio
station KWNS in 1965 while attending college in Pratt, Kansas.  He
caused quite a sensation when the listening audience thought the station
had hired Wolfman Jack.

When he moved to Topeka to continue his education, he began his stint at
KEWI radio doing his first last night show.   From there he moved to
WREN radio where he started his Saturday night oldies show. Louie was
fortunate enough at that time to have the opportunity to meet and work
with several recording stars like Bobby Vee, Freddy Cannon and Johnny

WIBW radio then gave Louie the opportunity to broadcast a  satellite
radio show coast to coast. Later he was approached to start and become
General Manager of Oldies 102.9 which specialized in oldies from the 50s
and 60s.  Louie Louie's Saturday night oldies show was consistently the
number one radio show in his time slot.  He had more listeners than all
the other stations combined in the Topeka market.

Several years later when the owner sold the station, Louie Louie moved
on to WHB in Kansas City.  He was the last remaining disc jockey on that
station before they changed their format to Country.  His Louie Louie
Show was so popular that a ground swell of listeners in the Kansas City
listening area formed a Louie Louie Fan Club.  It remained active even
after the station changed the format.

Louie is now enjoying broadcasting his special kind of DooWop  on WREN
Oldies Radio every Friday night from 6 to 11pm central time. To listen
to the Louie Louie Show go to  He is heard coast to coast
and all around the world.  This year he is celebrating 55 years of
broadcasting oldies.  He's still going strong and still loving it!


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